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Public Transport SurveyStannington Parish Council is conducting ta survey in order to understand the public transport needs of residents of Stannington Parish. The results of this survey will be shared with Northumberland County Council and also local bus service operators with a view to seeking improvements to services where possible.

You can take part by clicking the link below

The survey will be live until 1 December 2023 after which evaluation of the results will be undertaken.

We acknowledge that not everyone in the parish has access to digital technology so please help us by sharing the details of this survey with friends and neighbours and completing it on their behalf if they are unable to do so themselves.

Next Parish Council Meeting 29 November 2023


Our vision & Mission

Our Vision for Stannington is for it to be a vibrant parish where the rural economy flourishes providing local jobs and a rich education for our younger residents. The parish will be a place where residents can enjoy a peaceful setting and yet benefit from a range of community facilities including our local school, village hall, pub, farm shops and rural shopping and commerce at the nearby Station Road and Milkhope Centre.