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Chairman's blog

January 2022

Stannington Parish Council wishes everyone a happy and healthy 2022. We have experienced a challenging two years and more recently health issues but the Parish Council work has not suffered.

 Our relationship with Banks Mining has now come to an end, as the sites in our Parish are now exhausted and are being reinstated to their natural state. The remainder of the Brenkley Lane Fund, £122.79, has been donated to Hazelrigg Community Centre Food bank. Jeannie Kielty, our Banks community liaison officer is leaving Banks. Stannington Parish Council has thanked Jeannie for her hard work and support for all things Stannington.

The tree opposite the Lychgate has been removed as it was causing structural damage to the stone wall. Councillor Phillipson purchased the village Christmas tree from Mr Wox and the feedback has been very positive, it was a beautiful tree. The defibrillator in the southern bus shelter has been re registered with The Circuit and is live again. The new flag is now flying on the flag pole and we now have several flags that may be flown for the different special days in the calendar.

The Storm Arwen has caused a lot of damage around the Parish and many of the public footpaths still remain impassable. The storm did bring a lot of issues for our residents. Some waited over 10 days to be back on the grid. Many had no source of heat too. Fellow residents did come to their rescue and helped where they were able. Unfortunately the village hall was not utilised during the emergency which is disappointing. It is registered as an emergency hub and Stannington Parish Council would hope that in the event of any future emergencies the Trustees of the hall will open it up for the benefit of the community. Thankfully we had no injuries and apart from a lot of spoiled freezer food everyone remained safe.
The council will consider the development an emergency protocol.

It is important to acknowledge all of the positive changes that have taken place this year on Station Road. A replacement road surface, repaired bus shelter, replacement larger litter/ dog poo bin and flower planters. Fencing erected on the side of the road near the old A1 Diner has eliminated much of the difficulties of fly tipping and those of haulage vehicles. All of this and work towards achieving these things is much appreciated by residents.

The question of a long outstanding reduction in speed limit signs is expected in the next few weeks. The County Council will consult on a road traffic order so please watch out for public notices on the road. 

The footpath is being used by cyclists which is causing safety issues to residents and businesses.   There have been complaints around lighting pollution and planning permission regarding the illuminated advertising hoarding at the Filling Station. Lack of clear signage on new developments is also causing difficulties with delivery drivers. Residents are constantly being asked by delivery drivers for directions and there seems to be a distinct lack of street names in these offshoot developments. 

The amount of litter has dramatically increased since the garage shop increased its scope for ready hot food and hot drinks. The council is tackling these issues.

Councillor Lyle Darwin and Parish Councillors continue to work and liaise with residents and Bellway on the Netherton Park development.
The new Construction Manager has been good in communicating with residents and responding to the issues as they are reported.
Issues with speeding are being reported and a road safety plan has yet to be passed by Northumberland County Council.

The WW2 event has been postponed until 18th June 2022. All booked attractions have confirmed their attendance. The group has been accepted for the Northumberland Lottery. Every ticket sold, 50p goes towards the WW2 funds. The group will use all the proceeds from the event and lottery to benefit the community towards a much needed village shop.

A new grit bin has been purchased for the cemetery car park and the new playground tractor in memory of Andrew Crewdson is proving to be a real winner with the children. We have extended the playground and hope to add more items in the future.
We will publish our plans for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee in the next issue.

Best Wishes

Karen Carins